Shade Trees

Shade Trees

Shade Trees

As children, many of us made lots of wonderful memories thanks to the towering shade trees in our backyards. The innocent joy of swinging on an old tire swing under the shade of a giant Pin Oak, the many summer picnics sitting under the brilliant leaves of a Sugar Maple, or leaning up against the trunk to catch up on the next chapter of your favorite book. From favorite childhood smiles to those quiet moments catching a peaceful breeze – the memories a tree can give us are endless. Those types of memories don’t fit in a box and neither do these hand selected shade trees with large sizes available for pick-up or curbside delivery.

Autumn Blaze Maple Makes a Great Shade Tree


Acer x freemanii ‘Jeffersred’ PP4,864

Up to 3.5″ Caliper Sizes Available – Delivered and Planted

Fast-growing trees are always in demand, and Autumn Blaze® Maple is one of the fastest and most popular trees around. This large shade tree can put on three feet of growth each year—you’ll be hanging the kids’ swing from its sturdy branches in no time. Or, plant two and hang a hammock for yourself! You’ll love the rich, raspberry-red fall color this hybrid tree inherited from its Red Maple mother (its daddy was a Silver Maple), and you’ll appreciate the lack of “helicopters” it produces (and unwanted seedlings). On top of all that, Autumn Blaze® thrives in just about any sunny site in any type of soil. City arborists named it their “Tree of the Year” in 2004.

American Sweetgum Shade Tree


Liquidambar styraciflua

Up to 2.5″ Caliper Sizes Available – Delivered and Planted

The American Sweetgum tree (or “Sweet Gum” tree), a moderately fast-growing shade tree for large properties, makes an excellent addition to your wildlife-friendly garden. Its foliage will feed caterpillars of the breathtaking, ghostly-green luna moth, and its fruits will produce finch seed as fine as any you can buy at the store. About those fruits… they’re prickly capsules called “gumballs” that are good for painting as ornaments, scattering among your flowers to deter mischievous cats, or throwing at your little brother. The real reason you’ll want this tree, however, is for the fall color. Red, orange, yellow, purple, and green leaves will appear – sometimes on the same branch. It’s a whole bag of Skittles® candy colors!

American Hornbeam Shade Tree


Carpinus caroliniana

Up to 3.5″ Caliper Sizes Available – Delivered and Planted

They don’t call it “Musclewood” for nothing! American Hornbeam, a.k.a. “Musclewood,” has smooth-barked limbs as taut and rippled as an elite athlete’s, and you’ll find yourself wanting to touch them! This small to medium sized ornamental tree lends a sense of quiet strength to the landscape and will bring to your garden the much-needed “structure” that landscape designers talk so much about. With its powerful form, natural elegance, compact size, and ravishing fall color, it might even be compared to a Japanese Maple. Unlike Japanese Maple, though, this Hornbeam is a native tree of much greater value to local wildlife. The beautiful tiger swallowtail butterfly is one such creature that benefits from its presence.

Shademaster Honeylocust


Gleditsia tri inermis ‘Shademaster’

Up to 2.5″ Caliper Sizes Available – Delivered and Planted

Shademaster® Honeylocust is a fast-growing, bulletproof shade tree for any sunny spot in your yard that could use some relief from the hot summer sun. Because it has tiny leaves (leaflets), it doesn’t cast a dark, gloomy shade like some large-leaved trees, but a nice dappled shade that’s perfect for reading a book or having a meal al fresco. The small leaflets also make fall cleanup a breeze, as many of them simply blow away, while the rest decompose quickly into mulch, leaving you with only the leaf stems to gather up—or not. This native tree has no thorns and produces hardly any pods like wild Honeylocusts do.