Most Tree Retailers Don’t Want You to Read This

They say that the wisest person in the room is not necessarily the smartest, but the one who knows to surround herself with experts. I love that saying. I live by it. Because we can’t be good at everything.

We need people whose advice and products we can trust to take the guesswork out of things.

I hear from homeowners all the time who think there is a secret to planting and growing healthy trees. They’ve been misled by retailers who know that their customers don’t know what to look for, what questions to ask, or how to choose the right tree for their situation.

These people are trying to turn a tree into a commodity, but the only way to sell a cheap tree is to grow a cheap tree. They grow their trees quickly and rush them to market. In order to get a big, colorful tree out the door, though, they sacrifice the most important things, like root health and branching structure.

They’re counting on their customers not to notice – at least for a while.

Here’s the thing. It’s difficult to tell how healthy a tree is when you buy it. And the instant gratification of having something beautiful in place can trump the idea that maybe you didn’t pick the healthiest tree or even the right tree for your space.

Our secret to growing is to mimic nature as much as possible. We grow our trees slowly, timing our crops so that they’re sold only when they’re ready. We’ve created a Bower & Branch™ success kit, which includes planting instructions, fertilizer products, and growing tips, so that you may enjoy your tree for a lifetime. We’ve created a “Find Your Match” feature on our website to match your lifestyle with the best tree for you.


Only certified garden centers are authorized to carry Bower & Branch trees. They understand we’ve controlled the growing process from seedling stage to planting in your landscape, and they know how valuable it is to follow up with expert advice.

We are so confident in our trees that we stand behind all of them with a 3-year guarantee, no matter who plants them.

I may not be the smartest person in the room, but I am wise enough to surround myself with the best growers and garden centers. You should, too! Your Bower & Branch tree will remind you every day that you made a great decision, and that can only make you feel a little bit smarter, too.

Thanks for reading and growing,

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